No experience - this mans builds a travel trailer from scratch. $4000

No experience - step by step process with pictures on how to build your own little teardrop trailer with a little kitchen.

Teardrop Trailer Plans Tiny TearDrop Trailer Plans will show you, in detail, how to build a custom 5 x 8 Teardrop Trailer.

Extreme Off-Road Travel Trailer suspension

Firestone Air Suspension System is designed to greatly reduce ride harshness, and easily adjust ride height and firmness to match the load being carried

Bruder Exp-6 Trailer 4

The Bruder EXP 6 is an extreme off-road camper that is designed to take you places that no other camper would go.

Interior of a DIY Teardrop Trailer by Homespun Harros

Interior of a DIY Teardrop Trailer by Homespun Harros Our website lots of great images!


Over the course of we witnessed an explosion of interesting new camping trailers. From ruggedized, off-road adventure trailers to super-chic museum pieces, the year brought new caravans for campers and travelers of all types and income brackets.