Jet fighter generations...I would be really interested to see where they would put the Avro Arrow.

Jet fighter generations from WWII from Russia, America, and Germany

Jet Fighter  F 14A Tomcat

Jet Fighter Attack Airplanes F Tomcat 002 *kick butt*

Avro Arrow CF-105. A similar story to the TSR2. Both cancelled, even though they werre seen as very advanced and would  have secured defence jobs.

RCAF Avro Arrow fighter jet- What should've been. An probably still better than the proposed junk

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. (Martin Bowman). 3 legends, 6 Merlins. Many heroes.

The Battle of Britain RAF planes: Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane.

AVRO Arrow

The Avro Arrow, the plane considered to be the most advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement in Canadian aviation industry.

The Avro Arrow   Made In Canada

Canadian Avro Arrow flying with a Canuck

Avro Arrow - Best Plane Ever.

Old Warbirds and Airplane pics thread.

National Post September 10, 2012 Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to F-35 stealth fighter jets

National Post September 2012 Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to stealth fighter jets

Avro Arrow Historic Promotional Video [Full Length]

This video show the Avro Arrow, a Canada's made supersonic fighter interceptor, and what made it great.

Avro Arrow

Model of Canadian innovative supersonic interceptor, the Avro Arrow. It surpassed all comparable planes. Why was it cancelled is still a state secret, the US pressured then PM John Diefenbaker to cancel the development of this revolutionary aircraft.

SR-71 Blackbird

Lockheed Almost nothing catches this Black Bird.

Canadian Avro Arrow

Avro Arrow - A. Roe Arrow, the world's most advanced military aircraft 1959

Avro Arrow

Avro Canada a type before its time, like the BAC and the Lockheed

AVRO Arrow poster

avro arrow essay Write about something that's important Avro arrow essay

W/C D.C. Hagerman, Commanding Officer, in the cockpit of Avro Lancaster B.X aircraft KB707 VR:W of No. 419 (Moose) Squadron, R.C.A.F. Middleton St. George, England, 1944. #vintage #WW2 #1940s #airplane

Hagerman, Commanding Officer, in the cockpit of Avro Lancaster B.X aircraft VR:W of No. 419 (Moose) Squadron, R.


_Warbirds over Wanaka, Nz