Weddbook ♥ Lace heels which is looking wow. Get this black strap heel which will look adorable in your feet. Walk in style with this amazing pair. This is sexy and you can;t take your eyes off from such gorgeous pair

Not to sure about these ones

Exquisite Black Vintage Style Over the Knee Length Lace Bridal Boot ~ Goodnight Sweetheart

Wrapped in a bow

Sexiest Shoes Ever by Christian Louboutin - FLARE Magazine I just fell in love with another pair of heels

Super seeeeeexy

For making one of the sexiest pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. His clothes walk the line between masculine and feminine, powerful and sexy, glamorous and edgy.


Christian Louboutin heels really wish I could still wear heels like this but the old knee just won't take it any longer.

So classy

These are my Wife's Wedding Shoes. They are made by Manolo Blahnik and I was fortunate enough to have him Sign them for her.

Snake eyes

Harry Potter - Sexy Slytherin Stilettos from Gianmarco Lorenzi, Snake Charmer Swarovski Stiletto Pumps

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