кєι gαzєттє ʝяσ¢кєя

кєι gαzєттє ʝяσ¢кєя

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кєι gαzєттє ʝяσ¢кєя
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Kanato Sakamaki

Read Zodiaki jako grafika z Kanato from the story Diabolik Lovers Zodiacs [PORZUCONE] by gucciswagger (ni ma mnie) with 695 reads.

Kanato & Teddy - Diabolik Lovers

fyeahdialovers: “ New Diabolik Lovers Super Rare Cards from Sephirot In-game Screenshots Taken by Me. Please don’t repost to other sites, linking (through text) is fine.

diabolik lovers Komori Yui Reiji Sakamaki

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