bucket list, did road trip across U.S. in high school. Only did a very small part of Canada.

Already did the Vancouver B. Must do a real Canada road trip and see Toronto, Calgary, Montreal - so many Canadian cities to visit!

Funny pictures about No Americans Allowed. Oh, and cool pics about No Americans Allowed. Also, No Americans Allowed photos.


Canada (obviously not created by a Canuck cuz we call it 'back bacon,' not Canadian--that's the American term for it. otherwise agree with everything)

This is legit one of the funniest most accurate things I have EVER seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DYYYYYYYYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone Says Canadians Are Lovely People

Butter Tarts from Leah’s // Foods You Need To Eat In Toronto

17 Delicious Junk Foods You Need To Eat In Toronto

Canadian Cities Framed Print

Missing the capital of Canada, Ottawa!-----and most of the Provincial capitals.


Funny pictures about Polite Canadian Apology. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Canadian Apology. Also, Polite Canadian Apology photos.


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Hockey in Canada. Should be Hockey in Plaster Rock. As this is World Pond Hockey held every February in Plaster Rock, NB Canada.

You know you're Canadian when....

You know you're Canadian when.does depend on what city. In Toronto.both can be packed.--- starbucks makes me sick. my tim hortons loving stomach cannot stomach it.

Yup. Good ol' Canada

We have snow days too. And by snow days I mean we get our asses to work on days with three feet of snow.same with sick days in which we go to work and smile through our own suffering