Remembrance Day "recipe for peace"

Nice wee activity in relation to Remembrance - children were told the story of how the war ended on the day, month on the hour and there was peace. Provoked them to think about what helps us find peace.

Remembrance Day Painting

that artist woman: Remembrance Day painting - Art Project; Gr love this --- combined with the French translation of Flanders Fields

anzac poppy art

In Room 15 we have been making poppy art for Anzac Day.The whole class made a awesome piece of art.

Remembrance Day Poems

Runde's Room: Remembering Remembrance Day - includes video appropriate for reminding about the importance of a few moments of silence Veterans' Day

Remembrance Day

These Canadian Flag coloring pages feature pictures of the Canadian Flag to color for Remembrance Day. The coloring pages are printable and can be used in the classroom or at home.

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