How Canadians Govern Themselves - Read! Interactive materials and games to help learn how Canadians govern themselves.

How Canadians Govern Themselves Links to an interactive game showing the different levels of government and what services they are responsible for

Cancer cured by ‘medicine man’, First Nations man says

An Anishnawbe man from northwestern Ontario says traditional healing practices cured him of leukemia, and he's concerned recent controversy over the treatment of two First Nations girls in southern Ontario will rob others of a cure.

Canadian Government is citing to do a new immigration system that they've called 'Express Entry' This system will help many people to find a job and be an immigrant in Canada.

Entering Canada has different ways or methods. For many professionals, they can live in Canada by applying for skilled worker category which requires work experience in the field that they are

A detailed explanation of how the program works by immigration lawyer Max Chaudhary. He explains the benefits for both the Canadian government & Refugee claimants. Unlike the UK campaign, the Canadian program has a reintegration component to help the immigrants restart their life once they've gone back to their country of origin.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Max Chaudhary with Omni News on the Assisted Voluntary Returns Program