INFJ Personality (INFP's INTJ quotes)

I am a Kiersey INFJ (Counsellor) INFP (healers) can probably relate to quotes regarding the feeling introversion aspects. INTJ with the introversion judging quotes. Honesty, beauty, perceiving, passionate, paradox, healing, activist, advocate. "There is something in the nature of beauty that goes beyond personality, good looks, image and fashion. When we affirm another's beauty, we affirm something that cannot be owned or drawn into the grid of small mindedness or emotional need."JohnODonnohue
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Confession 3 INFJ --when other people argue or yell around me, my whole body feels tense and affected.

The Prophet: Introverted Intuition

Characters: MBTI continued

Como me gustaría conocer esa sensación...

Little Things That Make INFJ Happy: all true!// I wouldn't consider most of these little, but they do make me happy.


Drenth Unless they have a tall Infp in their life, my daughter has two. Myself and a very close friend, which explains how outspoken she is, as we listen. Lol- love my Infj daughter.

INFJ qualities

INFJ qualities


INFJ - this doesn't completely fit me, as I can't cover up ANYthing! But the other parts are true. So many emotions at once!

INFJ || Always willing to go to battle for the oppressed and downtrodden.

INFJ's are the ultimate champions for the other misfits, but they sometimes struggle to protect themselves, as long as their values aren't attacked. If so, WATCH OUT!

Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships |

Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships |