Let's Play Spot The Canadian

Let’s Play Spot The Canadian

Lol. Canada.

Dude I TOTALLY thought they were using Fahrenheit and I was all like HOW ARE YOU FREAKING ALIVE <<I knew it was Celsius because Freedom Units are only used in the states, but I have no idea how cold that cold is supposed to be.

Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada---I'm Canadian, this is to true, I apologize like 15 times when I bump into someone

Meanwhile in Canada...

Spring Humor in Canada: Oh man first off, that would be SO much less soft than he thinks it is.second, is that from the roof of a house? That's a LOT of snow.

Canadian Problems: Too warm for a winter jacket, too cold for a spring jacket.

Canadian Problems: Too warm for a winter jacket, too cold for a spring jacket.<< Put a cardigan under your spring jacket :)

I'm not gonna lie to you. It ain't easy.

It usually just ended up a spiky blob on any art projects that required one in elementary.

Every Canadian kid has almost died sledding

My cousin got a concussion and woke up the the hospital freaking out. Sledding is painful. Especially when you go off of a jump accidentally and land hard on your ass.

No snowballs at recess!! Canadian problems

Teachers be like imma put ya on the wall if you pick up more snow *turns away* throwing snow up in the air

Canadian bicycle hahaha

Canadian bicycle…

Funny pictures about Canadian bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian bicycle. Also, Canadian bicycle.

GAGAHOLISM: Canadian Problems

This is Lady Warden popping in to post some hilariousness in honour of Canada. Why random hilariousness aboot Canada, you ask?

Crushing ice…

Canadian Problem: Just waiting for the bus

Canadian Problem: Just waiting for the bus ------- this happened to me! I used to walk over a hill twice the size of this every day just for the fun of it ( with my best friend) to get to the bus stop.

Tim Hortons First World Problem-ashamed I have actually had this dilemma.

First World Problems Dinner. First world problems we face with meals. For you who I know will call 'repost', don't bother doing so unless first world prob dinner