The BEST Way To Stack Wood

Cottage Life's Wayne Lennox shows where wood piles should be located and how wood should be stacked to avoid rot and decay.

Prepare your A/C for winter.  Save money and increase your system's efficiency. Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit yourself. Step by step directions.

Clean Your AC Condenser Unit

Instructions to clean your AC unit - save money and increase efficiency while prolonging the life of your unit! Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit.

Expert Energy Saving Tips - Want to whittle down your heating costs this winter? Check out these easy to implement money-saving energy tips and cut your heating bills starting today!

Expert Energy Saving Tips

ENERGY SAVING IDEAS This is a really great DIY site. This article is about making your home more energy efficient DIY style - but there's tons of stuff. Built in book cases, DIY furniture - everything. Will pin now and check out later

In order to maximize the life span of your water heater, you should always follow proper maintenance scheduling and fix any problems immediately. Drain your water heater at least once a year for best results. A water heater could last you anywhere between 5-13 years depending on usage and maintenance.

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