Waste less water. Fill a plastic bottle with liquid and place it in the tank of an old toilet (not a high-efficiency one). That way, it will require less resources to refill.

New Uses in Your Bathroom

Don't have a high efficiency toilet yet?Simply fill an empty soda bottle with water and place it into the tank of your standard efficiency toilet. The bottle displaces water so your tank doesn’t use as much when it refills.

10 Ways to Clean with Lemons

There are a ton of cleaning products on the market, and you’ll notice that many of them include lemon on their labels. There is a reason for this. Citrus fruit, particularly lemon is a powerful cle.

50 tips for a more energy efficient home.

50 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient - Choice Home Warranty

The pioneer in the shift from inefficient, dated lighting to high-quality, high efficiency solid state lighting products. – This Phillips 8 watt LED light to has six blue LED lights inside the light bulb. The bulb incorporates remote phosphor technology into the plastic cover and the six blue LED lights inside excite the phosphor which emits a nice, warm, even light from this amazing light bulb.

Wayne Rogers looks under the hood of a Phillips LED 8 watt light - contains 6 blue LEDs - 21