Campfire 1916 by Tom Thomson - I wish I could live in this painting

Campfire 1916 by Tom Thomson, Canada, Group of Seven This is even better in real life

Lawren Harris House in Autumn.

Canadian Modern Art - House in Autumn - Lawren Harris - Group of Seven

Canadian artist Lawren Harris - "Northern Lake," 1923, Canadian Group of Seven

Canadian artist Lawren Harris - "Northern Lake," Canadian Group of Seven

Northern Lights, A.Y. Jackson

Original landscape and nature art Asencio Bateman Chapel Chung Coles Condon Croxford Gauthier Gibney Grieve Hind Hoop Lu Mernick Modlinski Mora Nachum Pino Ross Rotter Smith Vidan

tom thomson-snow-in-october. A definite possibility here in Minnesota

Tom Thomson - Art Nouveau, Arts&Crafts & Post Impressionnism - Snow in October

Alfred Joseph Casson The Group of Seven - Canada

meowywollstonecat: "White Village"- AJ Casson A. Casson though, you guys. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this: A. Casson is in .