Creature Rat by Kujirazou

‘Creature Rat’ by Kujirazou

Cheetah by Kujirazou

‘Cheetah’ by Kujirazou

Mr. Reanimated Art Print

Mr. Reanimated Art Print

The ten o clock monster by Kujirazou, via Flickr

The Ten o clock pm monster gives me a decision: to keep doing art well after midnight, or to go to bed. Now, question is, is he a good or a bad monster?

The Tribe

Sharpie markers on Stonehenge paper.

Walking Whale

Partly ispired by the Landwhales in the TV show Ugly Americans. I also just happen to love whales and like drawing legs on anything :)

@mister.creature on Instagram

@mister.creature on Instagram



Dragon Tribe, via Flickr.

Named this one Glitter Freeze, after the song by the Gorillaz.

Most recent sketchbooks

Sketchbooks from the past 3 years

Some of the Tribe

My latest obsession/series. Sharpie markers on Stonehenge paper.