Embroidered Pop-up/Triangle Tent (with "Relax") Hoop Art by Embroiderwee

Embroidered Pop-up/Triangle Tent (with "Relax") Hoop Art by Embroiderwee

Embroidered Alphabet Hoop Art by Embroiderwee

This beautifully embroidered Alphabet Hoop is hand drawn and hand stitched. The love and attention put into this wonderful piece will make it classic keepsake f

Focused + Forward by Tricia O

Stay Focused, Stay Positive and Keep Moving Forward. This print inspires and encourages.

Rise and Shine by Tricia O

Rise and Shine to this bright and cheery print! It is the perfect addition to your kitchen, office, or kids/play room.

Embroidered "You are loved" Flag by Embroiderwee

This precious "You are loved" flag is the sweetest addition to a nursery, playroom or any part of the house that you want someone to know they are loved.

Hello by Tricia O

42 Hello's from around the world with a few fictional languages! Hello- English / Hallo- Dutch/German / Ciao- Italian / Malo e lelei- Tongan / Bok-Croatian / Ku

Believe You Can by Tricia O

The clean and classic design and inspiring message will never go o

KING by Swell Made Co.

Designed with the Toronto Subway font, this clean and classic print is perfect in a bathroom, bedroom, office, or little boy’s bedroom/nursery.