1967 coins - minted for Canada's centennial year. I remember these so much - mostly the pennies and dimes for some reason, but I remember them!

1967 coins - minted for Canada's centennial year. There was a 1967 penny in the same collection where I saw a 1930 on the other day. It's really cool to see coins that carry some historical significance.

Canadian banknotes 1969-75

Canada banknotes - Canada paper money catalog and Canadian currency history

The Canadian Dollar Bill....when it was still paper

The Canadian Dollar Bill, now extinct, this paper dollar was replaced with the "Loonie" Canadian one dollar coin


Loonie - My, my, Canadian Dollar slide in six months Sept. Never mind the Canadian housing market is in its mature stage, employment jumped above average forecast.

Sir Thrift A lot: Canadian $1 Bills

The paper dollar was replaced by a coin called the "loonie" and our pink two dollar bill was replaced by a slighty larger coin called the "toonie".