DIY Scarf.

DIY Fringe Scarf- I used an XXL shirt. RECCOMMEND for next time, to use an extra skinny shirt, and fringe maybe the way up vs.

Oversized Galaxy Scarf

Oversized Spiderweb Galaxy Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Soft Organic Cotton, Cowl Scarf by shadowplaynyc on Etsy

DIY ruffle scarf

diy ruffled scarf {simple sew} I don't know how to sew, but want to learn.

DIY fringe scarves

DIY fringe scarves could see this over a long sleeved western shirt.Who dosen't love fringe?

DIY Turban boho headband

Do you have those "lazy hair days" where you don't want the hassle of stying your hair but still want to look nice? Try this simple tutorial DIY Turban Boho Headband to achieve the look!

Summer Project

DIY Flip flops and scarf. As much as I HATE flip flops, I'd wear these. They're more like sandals than tacky flip flops