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My healthy eating recipes come from being a holistic nutritionist and certified fitness chef who loves flavorful food just like everyone! My recipes are mostly…
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Healthier, gluten free version of the classic comfort food; chicken pot pie, in a single pan. Great dinner, family, and healthy recipe.

ENTREES: Healthy, Gluten-Free, Recipe rehabs

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You CAN have everything without sacrificing or depriving yourself. Be on-trend with platter boards as appetizer trays, a go-to snack platter for the week, + a graze-worthy meal(s).   Using leftovers, healthier fats + proteins, + replacing the higher fat|calorie items with similar, healthier options is what you can do.   Click for the blog for more specific suggestions!  #recipes #platterboard #glutenfreerecipe #healthyeating #appetizers #healthyrecipes #nutrition

APPETIZERS + SNACKS: healthy, tasty, + easy starters

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Get the stuff out of your fridge making a meal before you load up on groceries again. What is this? Check my IG!
You can literally use ANYTHING to make a meal. I highly encourage clients to start the day with a serving of veggies + that is made easier with leftovers.   This is an example of leftover roasted Brussels sprouts topped with Parmesan, prosciutto, + drizzled with @raospinterest - optional: top with an egg or mix with 3 scrambled egg whites.  #breakfastrecipe #nutritioncoach #glutenfreerecipe #healthyeating #healthyrecipe #leftovers #eatingclean #recipe


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AIR FRYER RECIPES: gluten-free, healthy, + easy

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These @instantpot carnitas will spice up any taco recipe, cure your boredom in the kitchen, and make meal prep easier for just about anyone. The protein is also yummy when using leftovers to top a salad, sandwich, or a healthy grain bowl.   Gluten-free, dairy-free, keto and paleo friendly - I would make these everyday if I could.   #tacorecipe #tacotuesday #glutenfree #cleaneating #paleo #instantpotrecipe #healthyrecipe
Instant Pot Pork Carnitas for Taco Tuesday
Slow-Cooker Chicken Verde  Quick, easy, and super flavorful. This #comfortfood #recipe is an amazing dish for a busy weekday dinner.  #glutenfreerecipes #healthyeating #healthyrecipes #cooking #slowcooker

INSTANT POT RECIPES: healthy, tasty, one-pot easy meals

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This is a simple sauce to use throughout the week on different recipes like a slaw, stir fry, or steamed broccoli. I even use it as a good salmon or sea bass marinade.  #glutenfreerecipes #healthyrecipes #quickmeals #easymeals #vegetarianrecipes #quicklunchrecipes #mealpreprecipes #saladdressing #marinaderecipes

SAUCES, DIPS, + DRESSINGS: healthy homemade recipes

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I pre-taped a segment for @fox32news chicago the other week with a selection of colorful, nutrient-dense side dishes that are not only packed with flavor, but will have you leaving holiday eating guilt at the door. With these dishes, some makeovers of the classic Thanksgiving recipes, you will be able to pick 1-2 things to splurge on!  Extra help can be found in my blog with: "How-To: Navigate a Buffet"  #holidayrecipes #healthycooking #glutenfreerecipes #sidedishrecipes #vegetarianrecipes

SIDE DISH RECIPES: healthy, quick, flavorful, + nutritious

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This quick and simple gluten-free and vegetarian recipe is an easy meal to bring to the table. Need the protein? Top it with rotisserie chicken, grilled shrimp, or flaked salmon.
Cauliflower-Crusted Pizza with goat cheese, roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberries, + balsamic cream.  #glutenfreerecipes #healthyrecipes #quickmeals #easymeals #vegetarianrecipes #quicklunchrecipes #mealpreprecipes
RECIPE REHAB: Air Fried Vegetable Egg Rolls from my kitchen making them air-fried, gluten-free, vegetarian, and lower in calories and fat. #glutenfreerecipes #airfryerrecipes #vegetarianrecipes #eggrolls #healthyrecipes #quickmeals #easymeals #mealpreprecipes


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BREAKFAST AND BRUNCH RECIPES: healthy, creative, tasty, + nutritious

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I love making one-skillet recipes for either a quick meal or as a meal prep recipe to get ready for a nutritious, healthy week ahead. This is a nutrient-dense, quick + easy, colorful, and filling salmon recipe that is also gluten- and nut-free. DIETARY NOTE: It can be made dairy-free by using a vegan pesto, If you need a whole grain, this serves well with black rice. Work with me on meal planning by clicking or head to www.livingwithashley.com
Simple can be tasty! This zucchini noodle #lowcarbpasta is just that! Take 1 1/2 cups of spiralized zucchini, top it with 3/4 cup roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh basil, 1 cup grilled shrimp, olive oil, sea salt, + lemon juice.   #glutenfreerecipes #healthyrecipes #quickmeals #easymeals #pastarecipes #quicklunchrecipes #mealpreprecipes #shrimprecipes
Kale Pesto Crusted Halibut with Roasted Tomatoes  #glutenfreerecipes #healthyrecipes #quickmeals #easymeals #seafoodrecipes #quicklunchrecipes #mealpreprecipes

SEAFOOD RECIPES: Healthy, Tasty, Quick + Easy

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This guilt-free chocolate-banana indulgence is not only a #glutenfreerecipe - but it is also a way to get you through those sweet tooth days. Especially when abiding by a #paleo (even paleo-ish) food regimen. It is so moist + filling! Check out the #recipe that fits into the #LWALifestyle + #LWAPlan for purchase today on my site linked.
Kids have this concept called the “3 marker challenge” that I brought up to my daughter in the form of the “3 vegetable challenge” asking her to have 3 veggies at a time during at least 2 meals or snacks per day.  It is visually attractive to them on the plate, but involving your kids in the cooking as well as relating it to a “challenge/game” that is current can be a huge win for parents!  #healthyrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #dinnerrecipes #pastarecipes #easymeals #healthyeating #quickmeals


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HEALTH OF TOMATOES: * Immune-boosting Vitamin C *A hydrating 95% water content * Potassium supports healthy blood pressure * Vitamin K1 helps blood clot + strengthens bones * Folate- important for cell function + tissue growth * Lycopene-where it gets the red color-is a powerful antioxidant * Naringenin, found in the skin, is flavonoid that decreases inflammation * Chlorogenic Acid-a powerful antioxidant-helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol, + blood sugar levels + boost fat metabolism.
This quick and easy recipe is gluten free, simple, and has only a few ingredients.   Get a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner entree salad in less than 10 minutes.  Nutritionn and Health Benefits: antioxidant-rich, high in fiber, protein-packed, has anti-inflammatory healthy fats, and more.

SOUP + SALAD RECIPES: Healthy, Quick, Tasty, Creative, + Gluten-Free

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Verde- what's better than a one-pot meal that is as tasty as this?!? This is a #glutenfree #healthyrecipe #slowcookerrecipe #chickenrecipe
Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Tenders
Curried Chicken Meatball Wraps: Meatball me! I was so in the mood for meatballs, but wanted a twist on the "pasta with meatballs" kinda' dish. So, I made a coconut milk-base curry sauce for these curried chicken meatball wraps! #glutenfree #recipe #healthyeating #meatballrecipe #chickenrecipe


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