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the marauders - wolfstar part 1

the marauders - wolfstar part 1 I couldn't find the other part once again. I hate it when they're in parts bc I can seldom find the other part :((( But this is really really cute

Even though I do not ship WolfStar at all, I feel like if it were real this is how it would go if James and Peter found out.>> i on the other hand ship it

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Oh hello professor mcgonagall


Someone come and save me I've been reading Text Talks ( I'm too lazy to check the author rn but it's wolfstar and it's a non magic au) it's so beautiful someone save me - Eridan

Whoa....... I have a feeling that I shouldn't be looking at this...

In a truth or dare, Remus finally asks for dare and then James made him use skirt for all day only bc he know that Sirius would love it


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