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Non-Singing Superpowers for Singers (YouTube)

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The War of Art by Steven Pressfield #shorts #books Steven Pressfield, Super Powers, Singers, War, Shorts, Books, Youtube, Libros, Book
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield #shorts #books
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield #shorts #books
The School of Greatness (w/ Lewis Howes #podcast #shorts Lewis Howes, School, Singer, Youtubers, Youtube Movies, Short Shorts
The School of Greatness (w/ Lewis Howes #podcast #shorts
The School of Greatness (w/ Lewis Howes #podcast #shorts
Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
Today's Non-Singing Superpower for Singers is your ability to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I admit it, this is a tough one for me, too. But sometimes the ability to sing with ease can only be found on the other side of an uncomfortable moment.
Accepting Compliments Builds Your Confidence
Today's non-Singing Superpower is HOW Accepting a compliment can build your confidence. Let the compliment land. Let the confidence surge through you. Resist the need to DEFLECT the compliment or TOSS it back at them. Energy is Energy. If your wall is up, and you won't accept a compliment, how are the bigger things going to get through? The GIGS? The ROLES? The COOKIES you hope someone will bring to rehearsal? Accept the compliment. Feel the confidence. You can pay it back LATER.
Pat Yourself on the Back
Today's Non-Singing Superpower is to give YOURSELF a pat on the back. :)
It's Nothing Personal
Gang, don't take it personally if you DON'T get the gig - AND - don't take it personally, if you do. Today's non-singing superpower is to how to LET IT GO. To steer toward singing success, remember these two sentences: You GET the gig, it's great, accept it, take the next best step. You DON'T get the gig, it sucks, accept it, take the next best step. Enjoy the process. Don't take it personally and LET IT GO. Now THAT'S a superpower I wish I HAD known about. And, it's free!
Love your UNIQUE voice
Today's Non-Singing Superpower is learning how to LOVE your unique voice. Now, we all know that no two voices are exactly alike. That's what makes singing so great. Simply being YOU guarantees that you stand out from the crowd. Your unique sound, the kind of MAGICAL quality you just can't put a label on is a SUPERPOWER. Love it. Share it. You're worth it.
Broken Record Podcast (w/ Rick Rubin)
There are an infinite number of ways for you to be successful in the music industry and today's Non-Singing-Superpower can be found on a PODCAST that I love called Broken Record - led by a handful of hosts including Rick Rubin. RICK RUBIN has been producing albums since 1981 and NOW he interviews and highlights the infinite paths that legendary singers, songwriters, and producers have paved toward their own - often unlikely - success. Check it out and learn from the best.
Bling - a - ling - a - ling! - MarciaWhitehead.com
Good Posture is the best accessory. Today we're going to talk about one of the cheeziest Non-Singing Superpower sayings that I share with all of my students - AND - why you should care about it. If you're not loving (and energizing) your beautiful spine when you enter a lesson, a rehearsal, or the stage, you are missing out on wearing the best bling your body has to offer the world. And, it's free. :)
You're worth it!
Why should you watch my YouTube channel? Because you're worth it! You're worth the 60 second boost I strive to provide for young singers paving their path to the stage.