Angelina Wrona, Resurrection, Alice, Rabbit

Angelina Wrona, Resurrection, Alice, Rabbit(Alice mixed with Angelina Wrona?

by Angelina Wrona, love her work

by Angelina Wrona, from Ron and Tanya for Xmas 2012 .

Damaged Toy ~ Angelina Wrona

Damaged Toy by Angelina Wrona Fantasy Supernatural Novelty Print Poster

Angelina Wrona

Posterbobs features Angelina Wrona's petite format 14 x 11 prints of dark, interesting, japanese folk and peculiar fine art prints. This page features all of her Art to date and is printed in high resolution on acid free 10 point heavy card stock

Frame by Angelina Wrona

angelina wrona - Framed I have this in life size. If you've ever been confined.

by Angelina Wrona

Mary by Angelina Wrona - Canvas, Wood, Acrylic, Aluminium - ArtToCanvas

Any artwork by Angelina Wrona

"Bunny Couture" Angelina Wrona I have loved her art for years. One day I shall own this, it is my favourite because of the bunny.