Large lemon/lime ice cubes for punch. So smart!

Use muffin pan to make large Ice cubes for a pitcher of iced tea. Floating lemon slices in the cubes is a good idea too. In fact, make the ice cubes out of tea.

What a cute idea for cupcakes!

UP! birthday cupcakes - amazing idea to auction off or as a dessert bar for our "wish upon a star" disney movie theme

How much to serve at a party

How much to serve at a Party / Party Food, Serving Guide, Party Drinks, Holiday Party, Fort Worth Party Planner

Santa Hat Party Mix

Santa Hat Party Mix

This mightbe too much work for me. Santa Hat Party Mix, a simple and delicious Snack Mix. with Bugles dipped to look like Santa Hats! Click through for FULL tutorial!

#bridal #shower ringpop game!

My Favorite Things-Themed Bridal Shower

100 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas Entertaining Games & Activities In a twist on the classic clothespin game, each guest received a ring pop and had to forfeit it if they said the bride's name. Clearly her future sister-in-law, pictured above, was a master