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Laura Murakami

Laura Murakami
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These are so many life hacks that nobody told me about! It amazes me how clever and resourceful people can be with everyday objects. Just plain useful tips and tricks for common problems. Life hacks for girls. Life hacks for guys!

Marshmallow Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes Need a blue-ribbon chocolate cupcake recipe? After testing nearly every cupcake cookbook and recipe out there, my mom and I .

23 Mind-Blowing Hacks You Will Want To Share On Facebook

23 Mind-Blowing Hacks a door that doesn’t latch properly, chances are the latch and strike plate are just a little off. Use a bit of lipstick and tape to test and see exactly where your strike plate needs to be moved to get the door to close properly.

Salt and pepper Halloween costumes with tutus

As Halloween is quickly approaching, everybody is beginning to think about what to wear as a costume. But if you can’t find a lot of money or ideas, don’t worry! I’m here to bring you 30 easy DIY Halloween costumes you can make yourself while staying.