Black Bear Algonquin Park

A week ago I was on my way home and a bear ran in front of my car. I hit the bear and knocked it over . Immediately stopped got out of my car to see if it was OK. It ran into the bush.grew up in Northern Ontario & Quebec .lots of bears .

Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

Algonquin Park Moose - camped here!

Ruffed Grouse on the trail

Track and Tower Trail, Algonquin Park - My Self Reliance

Dark eyed Junco

Dark eyed Junco

Green winged teal hen

Green winged teal hen

Bear cubs at Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Bear cubs at Grundy Lake Provincial Park - My Self Reliance

This cute little porcupine was resting in a huge oak tree in Simcoe Forest.

Porcupine on our fall hike - My Self Reliance

October 7th TC video

Screaming banshee on trail camera