she can be crazy and calm at the same time. dont ask me how because i dont know xD

Tobias et Anaik avec les deux albertin

thats some of my friend walking outside during the winter

Gabrielle,marie,sami et sara

thats some of my friend who doing shooping

Gab,Gaby et Mélissa

this is a old pic of my crazy friends.


thats my friend Léonie. dont piss her off. she can be dangerous.

La belle Kassandra

thats my friend Kassandra. she think she is not beautiful but she is 😍


Thats my friend Gaby. when we need help she gonna be the first who gonna try to help.

Émile jeune

Thats Émile who try to look dangerous.

Alexandre whit pedo face

thats my friend Alex whit his pervert face


That Gab. she can hurt if we do something bad to her.

Alexandre ready for fight

My friend Alex doing paintball