Tem Jeito Decor - Furando fila Edition

Easily the purest thing I've ever seen...

Kitty cat with Kleenex tissue pillow and blanket Sleepy kitty sleeping Update*Wow I keep getting blow ups about this ONE POST OF JUST LEAVING THIS ACCOUNT. Alright to make the post not so blowy (Yes I texted Blowy) Im not going to leave

this cat was staring at me when I was scrolling down saying "pin me, pin me.

Watching the Snow

The inevitability of a cat and a window--kitty watching the snow fall Today is Quebec's first snow !

"It's a cat-gravity thingy. You can't possibly understand!

Beautiful Black Cat Click to read her story. #cats #blackcats #lovecats #funnycats

Lost Newborn Kitten Completely Shocks His Rescuers When He Does This

After a terrible rainstorm in Auckland, New Zealand one night, a woman noticed a tiny soaking wet kitten blindly crawling all alone down a.

I iz kitteh and I sleepz. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!