♥ Inspirational Advertising Ideas...some of these will be cool for media studies

Inspirational - as you can see from this Coop knonsum ad it shows pair of lungs using vegetables, and tells us that you that this company has on all vegetables, this implies eating vegetables will make you healthier than someone who doesn't.

How to Draw Worksheets for Young Artist: How To Draw A Dragon Face. Lesson and Worksheet

from michelle mcgrath - she has THE BEST resources for the art teacher! tons of 'how tos' and inspirations and .this is = How to draw a dragon worksheet.

Good for discussing persuasive techniques in advertising: Advertising vs Reality Infographic

Funny pictures about Advertising vs Reality. Oh, and cool pics about Advertising vs Reality. Also, Advertising vs Reality photos.

Media Literacy Resources from PBS Kids - I've been using these lessons for years! Great stuff!!!

Media Literacy Resources from PBS Kids - Pinner says "I've been using these lessons for years!

Persuasive techniques with examples from commercials @caitlynbandy

did you know that companies totally trick us into buying their products? how dastardly! get the leg up on these scoundrels by learning the tricks of the trade. (as well as apply their schemes to your own persuasive writing!

What does fast food REALLY look like?

Fast Food: Appearance vs. Reality

Fast food menus make the food look delicious and fresh. In this post, see the appearance vs. reality of famous fast food items.

Grog & Sheep discuss Endorsements: Featuring @Oprah

This is our first part in a series about the tools of persuasion. Ground and she discuss endorsements.