So true! .. love my Tim Hortons

canadian meme (applies to us Michigan folk too!)--> I would like to disagree with this but I can't due to the fact that my family stops to get something from timmies at almost every quick stop when we're on road trips

Sponsored by Tim Hortons. Kentucky Derby 2012: Craziest racing hats ever - NY Daily News **this would be me be I LOVE me some doughnuts :P

Someone wearing a hat -- Sponsored by Tim Hortons. Kentucky Derby Craziest racing hats ever - NY Daily News- The Doughnut Hat

tim hortons iced cap recipe; 2 oz. boiling water, 2 tbsp instant coffee, 2 1/2 heaping tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp cappuccino syrup, 4-6 ice cubes, 1/3 cup cream. mix first 3 ingredients together to make a syrup, put into blender. add ice cubes and blend until slushy. add cream and blend until frothy.

Tim Hortons - Iced Cappuccino, Love this one with the mint shot

Tim Hortons, Canada Day at Wild About Quotes.

I love how in Canada the commercials say, "It's time for Tim's" but in the states they say, "Tim Hortons, cafe and bake shop" lol

Tim Hortons launches Caramel Chocolate Brownie Iced Capp Supreme

Recipe for a low calorie version of Tim Horton's Mocha Iced Capp. ice cubes tbsp sugar free chocolate syrup cup of skim milk cup of chilled coffee 1 tbsp truvia A splash of your favorite creamer

Tim Hortons love!

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