C3 - Clear, confident and natural, the C3 boasts a 130mm bass driver for impressive extended low frequency response to complement the seductive realism of the sophisticated 19mm tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide. The resulting sonic performance is warm, rich in detail, whether you’re enjoying your favorite music or movie. All C Series enclosures are ultra-rigid to ensure the sound you hear is untainted by any internal resonance and are magnetically shielded to give freedom when positioning.

The KEF C Series has been engineered provide the most accurate sound response at this price point. Providing almost studio or concert-hall clarity and precision usually found in a much more expensive loudspeaker.

C5 - Elegant, articulate and authoritative the C5 is a competent and compact floorstander. It combines the latest 19mm tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide with two 130mm bass drivers in a slim, internally braced cabinet. Meticulously tuned crossovers ensure seamless transitions and dual binding posts allow bi-wiring or bi-amping for the best possible response right across the frequency range. Whatever the genre, whatever the medium, the resulting sonic picture is open, fluent and involving.

KEF C Series Black Floorstanding Speakers

Reference Model 208 - With no less than 500W of high efficiency Class D amplifier powering a 300mm (12in.) Long throw ultra-low distortion driver, Model 208 floods the listening area with exuberantly extended, immaculately controlled bass. Output, phase and the low pass filter frequency can be adjusted to your preferences. With its acoustically inert hand-finished cabinet, Model 208 reproduces low frequency effects with precision as well as power.

KEF - Obsessed with High Resolution - United States

Q400b - The final ingredient of your new Q system is of course the seductive Q400b subwoofer. A closed box design housing a 250mm (10in.) woofer driven by a 200W on-board Class-D amplifier, this discreet cube creates spectacular bass imagery – eloquent, musical and addictively physical. Anchoring the whole sound performance in an all-embracing sensation of immediacy, it completes the acoustic picture.

KEF - Obsessed with High Resolution - United States

C1 -Compact, versatile and potent. The C1 pairs the superbly accurate 19mm (0.75in.) tweeter and ‘tangerine’ waveguide from the latest Q Series with a slot-ported 100mm (4in.) midrange/bass driver. Both sit on a dense two-layer front baffle system to deliver a complex, profoundly realistic and spatially accurate soundscape. With excellent power handling and a carefully tuned crossover, the C1 delivers a generously full performance that belies its discreet appearance and modest size.

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C Series - The new KEF C Series has been engineered to uphold the company’s long-held tradition of making speakers that provide the most accurate response possible at the price point. This aim gives the listener the satisfaction of hearing a recording with almost studio or concert-hall clarity and precision. In the case of the KEF C Series, this performance is normally associated with speakers of a much higher price.

Thuisbioscoopluidsprekers - E-Serie - Afbeeldingen en Video - KEF Belgium (Flemish)

Reference Model 209 - If you want a home entertainment subwoofer that delivers apocalyptic bass extension with zero distortion, consider Model 209.  Powered by a 1000W amp with DSP-based equalisation and volume, phase, polarity and crossover parameters adjustable by remote control, the 450mm (18in.) cone has a double radial magnet, a unique dual suspension system, and the effective cabinet volume is virtually doubled by KEF’s Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE) technology.

KEF - Obsessed with High Resolution - United States

R400b - At just 31 inches square, the KEF R400b may be compact, yet it packs an incredible punch. With a reinforced and braced sealed cabinet, the R400b houses twin 9-inch LF drivers powered by twin 250W class-D amplifiers. The drivers are mounted back-to-back, to create ‘force cancelling’. This means the opposing reactive forces are nullified, resulting in no cabinet agitation and a clean, fast, powerful bass performance – perfect for any serious home theatre system.

KEF - Obsessed with High Resolution - United States

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