I think I'm pregnant | What to do next

Missed your period? Have nausea, swollen breasts or fatigue? These are just some of the symptoms that can lead someone to believe they’re pregnant.

The shadow of social anxiety | Experiencing social anxiety on campus can be particularly difficult for students

University is a time to study hard as well as meet new people, go out and have fun.

Being celiac in a sea of gluten-free dieters | How fad dieters have blurred the line between preference and disease

German Rolls are the best. Here is an original German recipe for German rolls, "Brotchen" or "Semmeln" in German. This is the best recipe that you can find.

An attempt at a one-week juice cleanse

Zelia tries a one-week juice cleanse.

Farm-to-table dining | A student's guide

Eating farm-to-table means building a relationship with food that you don’t get with processed or take-out options.

The psychology of stress | Understanding our bodies in high-stress situations

Muscle tension, headaches, heart palpitations, trouble sleeping — the physical symptoms of stress are familiar to far too many university students. But what we’re often unaware of are the underlying physiological processes that contribute to stress.

Just two guys pole dancing

While most students spent last Friday night out at bars or clubs, we spent ours swinging and dancing on poles.

Cheers to healthier drinking

With the peak drinking season upon us — Homecoming and Halloween are a week apart — our livers aren’t in the best condition.

the battle of #bodygoals vs. #bodypositive

the battle of vs.

The realities of juicing

Sometimes it's good to find ways to detox for healthier living. Here are 6 simple, effective detox strategies you can try today!

A beginner’s guide to strength training

So you want to get big and strong? It’s a simple process: lift, eat well, rest and repeat.

Do you even lift, bro? | One Journal staffer tries CrossFit

An out of shape university student walks into a CrossFit gym for a lesson. Normally, that’s something I’d laugh at, but I was that out-of-shape student.

Embrace your depression

Death is a cure, I tell myself, as I drag one leg over the ledge. It hangs there lifelessly while my other foot grasps the concrete roof with little friction.

How to flush your toilet & other tips for germ-free living

Microorganisms, as a whole, get a bad rep. The majority of these little critters are harmless, but we tend to focus on the minority that are out to get us — the germs of the world.

Everyday workouts by Varsity athletes

It’s no secret that Queen’s has some talented athletes on campus. But while we see them during games and races, we rarely see their day-to-day training — which is what makes up the bulk of the experience of being a varsity athlete.