Traveling to adulthood

After five months of backpacking abroad, experiencing fascinating communities and conversations, living with locals and other curious travellers, coming back to school definitely took some adjustin

Backpacking with a purpose | One student activist’s trip to Guatemala

Backpacking with a purpose

Lost in translation

Picture yourself out to dinner with a friend — a pretty standard situation, right? Now substitute a typical dinnertime for 10 p. and a friend for your new roommate who you’ve just met.

Ni Hao, Shanghai

A friend once told me that when you visit China for a week you feel as though you can write an entire novel about it.

The perfect getaway to Huaraz, Peru

Before the start of the school year, my boyfriend and I wrapped up our summer jobs a little early and packed our bags for one last summer adventure to Peru.

Just for the hell of it: one adrenaline junkie's search for the thrill

“What’s wrong kid, you’re just jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Six countries in six weeks

When people ask me why I enjoy travelling so much, I explain my love of globe-trotting as a state of mind rather than a need to place another pin on a world map.

Coast to coast: a break into the deep south | The Journal

Picking up from where I left off in last week’s issue, my dad and I left Oklahoma City behind and headed deep into the south, a part of the country that I quickly realized was a bull of a different colour.

A trip to Iceland with the GREEN program

A trip to Iceland with the GREEN program

"My relationship with my father had always been turbulent, to say the least. A classic case of being too similar at heart is how my mom always put it. I suppose mirror images never do quite see eye to eye.   However, I was turning 21 and preparing to move on with my life. We knew we’d see less and less of each other over the years, and we realized that this might be our last chance. With that in mind, I boarded a flight for San Francisco."

Coast to coast: the last father-son road trip

Perusing Peru with MEDLIFE

After weeks of planning and watching past MEDLIFE chapter videos of volunteers gushing about their experiences, my trip to Cusco, Peru had finally arrived.