Where's the lie. In all of my classes this year (2016) we talked about the mess that was the election. We still reference it months later and remind ourselves to be glad that we live in Canada.

Someone from Montréal, Québec, CA posted a whisper, which reads "American : you canadians are very polite and boring. Me: we watch your election "

This ISNT and American thing. I always hated the beep test in elementary school!

I live in Nova Scotia and my dads a fishermen so also I live lik so deep in Terence bay

i was going to buy a really nice pair of boots the other day, and then i remembered. Salt stains are the WORST.

Funny story time! So my fam was going on a 3 hour drive to visit my dad at his recovery centre since he has PTSD, and my sister was driving and really needed coffee since it was early morning. Anyways, the nearest Timmies is about thirty minutes from my house, my sister was set on getting there on the open high way with literally zero other cars. Fast forward two and a half hours we had turned around three times and still hadn't made it to Timmies yet. My sister was shaking behind the wheel…

Ask any Canadian ~~~road trips start with this. at least until Burger King bought the company, raised the prices and discontinued all the best donuts.

Canada 'colder than Mars, North Pole'. See Page 18 of Transcript on Scribd - " Linda: Several mega-storms threatening the East Coast.."

Manitoba colder than Mars right now? sagansense: “ Canada is having a cold snap at the moment. This week, in Southern Manitoba, the temperature reached a blisteringly frigid degrees Celsius, or.

Every time I hear a mean joke about being Canadian, I go to the hospital and get my feelings checked for free. *laughs* So true!