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Rebecca Uribe Tilk

Rebecca Uribe Tilk
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Cool Medusa Costume

The idea for this Medusa costume came when I received something in the mail that was wrapped in a large piece of bubble wrap. It looked like snake skin an

God Lovers Poseidon and Medusa Couple Costume

This is a Poseidon and Medusa Couple Costume. I thought this was very interesting because I did not know this costume existed and would be a great Halloween costume.

How to clean your front-loading washing machine.  YIKES just did this tonight it is DISGUSTING!  If you ever come into posession of one of these, remember it is a HUGE undertaking for cleaning.  Most people recommend DEEP cleaning it once per month.

This is a very common washing machine. It is very hard and takes a very long time to wash your clothes without a working washing machine. Sometimes you can find very cheap washing machines.

How to easily clean a stainless steel grill.

How to easily clean a stainless steel grill. Clean would come to my rescue and save the day for me! I love Magic Erasers but I had never tried out the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers or Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray before.