Queues de castor au sirop d'érable. Beignets canadiens à la farine complète

Queues de Castor Moelleuses au Sirop d'Erable

Canadian Beaver Tails with Canadian Maple Syrup. I have no idea what a Canadian Beaver Tail is but it looks tasty. Need a French Translation.

A BeaverTail, a must-have pastry treat in Ottawa!

A BeaverTail, Came highly recommended as a must have treat. A" cant visit Ottawa without trying one" tag

The original - Byward Market, Ottawa Ontario

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Byward Market, Ottawa Ontario Can't go to the Canal over Winter without getting a Beavertail

Beavertail Recipe

Oh Canada! The Famous Ottawa Beaver Tail® Pastries

This is our national all time fave dessert! You have to try it!

16 Food Products Proudly Made in Canada

Recettes Secrètes - Queues de Castors :: Queues de Castor

The recipe featured in this post is my own version and does not in any way reflect the official BEAVERTAILS® recipe ———————- I couldn’t let a…

Homemade Beavertails! (A Canadian Classic gets a little makeover)

There's a Newf in My Soup!: The New Doughnut Rage: Newfie Tongues! inspired by beavertails from ottawa

Foodgressing: Visit to BeaverTails in Ottawa's Byward Market

Foodgressing: Visit to BeaverTails in Ottawa's Byward Market