Êve Boisvert Ouimet

Êve Boisvert Ouimet

Aime anime manga musique (surtout des Remix)et aime faire de l'harmonie et je fait du haut bois.
Êve Boisvert Ouimet
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I pinned this a few minutes ago, but I just realized how much this is like me and my friends. The roles tend to change.

Too true.

I could care less about myself and I'll just hold it close to myself till I'm alone. But it's an entirely different story with my friends. Let's just say there would be one less person walking away from that conversation

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Funny pictures about Every single time I wash a spoon. Oh, and cool pics about Every single time I wash a spoon. Also, Every single time I wash a spoon.

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(ANIMATED GIF): The epic beatdown of a cellphone thief who thought he would get away with it because he stole from a woman. Not this time, fella! Never underestimate a woman, boys!

Sevmedigim biri iğrenç espri yapınca :D

Somethimes my friend laugh on something so funny for her but not to me and then im exactly like that left side girl😆😒