The proof just continues to pile up...Wonder if they can have a family reunion on a reality tv show ya'll? HAHAHAHA

Go to hell, JT.The proof just continues to pile up.Wonder if they can have a family reunion on a reality tv show ya'll?

MUST SHARE: Muslim Refugee Says She’s Ashamed To Be Canadian | AND this is why these people must go! You come because you love the Country and want to be apart of the new Country, if you don't feel this way then LEAVE!

This is the true face of the radical Muslims in Canada, they support Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist organization that wants to kill all the Jews in the name of Allah. Share this video!

My Prime Minister Embarrasses Me!

My Prime Minister Embarrasses Me!-----This clown is an insult to all of the real chiefs

Sound all to familiar? Like father like son.Let us NEVER EVER FORGET

I guess Western Alienation runs in the family. Still waiting for our town hall meeting in BC

A beautiful Alberta woman named Jenna Cartwright was brutally raped, killed, and her body mutilated. The authorities hid information about the killer from the public. It has only now been made available. The killer was a hard-core career criminal from Somalia that had already been convicted of multiple crimes in Canada. The Canada Border Services Agency deemed him a huge risk to public safety. . Instead the Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board released him to continue terrorizing Alberta.

a convicted drug trafficker Somalia, were deemed more important than the guaranteed safety of Canadian citizens.