Dog shaming: I stick my heard through the shower curtain and lick people's bums while they aren't looking. His face is priceless, so happy!


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Sea Otter - Cold-water sea mammal, keystone species, takes care of eating all the invertebrates in the sea, wraps self in kelp to sleep.

Fun time

Barking out loud! Someones going to need a bath! Combat dog boredom with our helpful tips from the experts.

Funny pictures about Licked Or Not. Oh, and cool pics about Licked Or Not. Also, Licked Or Not photos.


cute baby penguins hd wallpapers baby penguin wallpaper by Vishal Sharma - Photo 106444633 -

"I have shamed my family" and "I probably helped." At least they are honest (funny dog shaming)

Me during winter

Funny pictures about Snug as a bug. Oh, and cool pics about Snug as a bug. Also, Snug as a bug.