Fairmont banff hot springs, Canada

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Moose, Canada

Moose Point face-off, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan. Even if there were no moose in here it is a beautiful photo

Train through the Canadian Rockies - Banff To Vancouver | Alberta / British Columbia, Canada

~~Banff To Vancouver ~ Train through the Canadian Rockies, Alberta, British Columbia, Canada by Kenneth r Rowley~~

Canada .... frozen gas bubbles

Ice Bubbles @ Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada (Picture by Emmanuel Coupe) - Frozen methane gas bubbles released by plants on lake bed are stacked up every winter to form these beautiful pillars of ice bubbles

Lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada: Bubbles trapped and frozen under a thick layer of ice creating a glass type feel to the frozen lake

Frozen Bubbles, Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada Bubbles trapped and frozen under a thick layer of ice creating a glass type feel to the frozen lake - photo by Paul Christian Bowman

Aurora, N Canada

heaven and earth, nature, mystical alaska aurora- spent some time in alaska but never saw this. Definitely on my bucket list :)


No more pennies. Canadian problems, although not really a problem, pennies were useless.

Vintage Canadiana (No wonder they think we all dress like this)

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Canadian, Please ♫

Canadian, Please ♫ gunnarolla & Julia Bentley. Great for why we speak French discussion

Voyager Canoe - Canadiana Activity on a Glacial Lake

how a dream waits: quietly. how we must grab hold of it: nothing quiet about it

Canada, 2011 | The 18 Most Dazzling Photos From National Geographic's History

Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear) - In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur. Photographs by Paul Nicklen

Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada. Looking at the lighter side of life in Canada. Don't miss 40 Funny meanwhile in Canada photos that will blow your mind. - Page 3 of 8