"Come play with me" ---Amumu---

Amumu Classic Skin - Chinese League of Legends champion wallpaper.

"I always shoot first" ---Miss Fortune---

"I always shoot first" ---Miss Fortune---

"I'll have my revenge." ---Morgana---

League of Legends item Classic Morgana at MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Strategy Build Guides and Tools.

"An eye for an eye." ---Kayle---

Aetherwing Kayle, A must cosplay, needs to be local con only tho (not for Pax)

"I know what they desire." ---Ahri---

Champion spotlights - Don't Feed Ahri -- Champion Spotlight Alternative (League of Legends)

"Double rainbow? What does it mean...?"  ---Lux---

league of legends game lol lux girl blonde magic hd widescreen wallpaper

"Imagine if I had a real weapon!" ---Jax---

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms - Characters & Art - League of Legends