True! (How male soccer players block shots that it...female players are usually tougher ;P just sayin.)

when someone tells you hockey is just soccer on ice show them this and tell them to go F off xD. difference between hockey and soccer. hockey players are bad ass and soccer players are pussies

But the net... how did you get on top of it?

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Kari Lehtonen of the Atlanta Thrashers relaxes on top of the goal during a break in the action against the Montreal Canadiens on March 2007 at Philips Arena.

This is just too funny, i read it over and over again and still laugh

Awesome game by Henrik for his first shutout of the season. 3 Stars of the game: Henrik Lundqvist Dan Girardi Brian Boyle

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Well…not ALL hockey teams are gonna be amazing… As long as ya love the sport…all that matters indeed