Flowering Almond – 7'x7'

Flowering Almond (closeup of flower) – Sheridan Nurseries/ I love this bush!

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Tree – 22' x16'

Covered in stunning clusters of white flowers rising above the foliage in early spring. Dark green foliage all summer long, changing over to a brilliant brick red autumn colour.

Compact Slender Hinoki False Cypress – Sheridan Nurseries

Unusual Specimen for protected gardens. Protect from winter winds. Very attractive foliage

Saratoga Maidenhair – 22' x16'

A selection of this world's oldest known tree dating back 150 million years. Does not product the smelly fruit

Princeton Sentry Maidenhair Tree – 40' x 10'

Slow growing, narrow column with fan-shaped, green leaves turning yellow in October.