Love the brick wall

Apartment, White Stairs Brick Wall Plants Vase Flower Vase Ceiling Light Wooden Floor And Black Cabinet ~ Splendid Scandinavian Interior Design of Small Apartment and Terrace

Idée pour habiller le mur derrière la télé : une large planche en bois clair, associée à un mur gris.

As countless couples heading home from Best Buy have discovered, it's hard to make a (or bigger!) screen blend in with the decor of your living room. Here are 10 different ideas you can consider when deciding how to set up your flat screen television.

15 Basement Decorating Ideas (How To Guide)

15 Basement Decorating Ideas (How To Guide)

grey reclaimed wood wall for a rustic bedroom

Investing in major home improvements can be expensive. Consider a peel and stick product to transform any room or surface.

boiseries anciennes et déco de mur de style rustique avec planches en bois

Boiserie murale et parement bois pour intérieur contemporain

Think your wood paneling is dated? The retro design element is simple and chic. Revamp your wood paneling to create a modern, sleek look for any space. For more design and renovation ideas, go to Domino.