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The Dreadfort, seat of House Bolton, is a strong fortress with high walls & triangular merlons that look like sharp stone teeth.

Call me Fox

ivvvoo: “Naturally black and white by 72Potter ”

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“The end”

The Soul of 한국

Art by Koreans and diaspora, historical and modern. Updates daily.

The Alchemical Marriage Woven Tapestry Blanket – 2019 - Blanket Diy

Pre-Sale: The Alchemical Marriage Woven Blanket / Tapestry – Bill Crisafi Paper Blankets (Craft Pads

Marble Texture Pack (Ext. Lisense)


chaosophia218: “When the Moon fell in Love with the Sun. ”

Print of Original Drawing "Blessed Are the Snakes" St. Patrick's Day Print

Represent your pagan pride this St. Patrick’s Day with a print of my original drawing “Blessed Are the Snakes.” Many pagans have a tenuous relationship with St. Paddy’s Day, as St. Patrick was canonized for bringing Christianity to the Celtic island of Ireland. While Patrick was certainly not the only person to do missionary work on the Emerald Isle and there were never snakes there to begin with, many practitioners of the Old Ways came to see St. Patrick and his feast day as a…

Эскиз тату змея и кинжал

Среди традиционных сюжетов для татуировок, перекочевавших из древности в наше время, постоянно актуальным остаётся изображение змеи.

The Occult Artists Collective: Photo

The Occult Artists Collective is a project dedicated to displaying and promoting the work of living practitioners of the Hidden Art. Throughout history practitioners of the magical arts have used artwork and the poetic verse as a method of transmitting, through symbolism and allegory, that which cannot be conveyed through the vulgar word. It is in this spirit that this project is born. May it be a hallowed temple for the faithful congregant. May the torch of illumination tear through the…