TooLoud! app - hook up to smart board for visual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves

Too Loud Free app- hook up to your Smartboard to help kids monitor their voice level in class! Great tool for helping to manage your class and the noise level!

put it on the smart board for whole group

I spy game. Perfect for those days when you have 7 minutes left at the end of the period - quick, easy, fun, can be used for all levels, and easy to do in the target language.

Board Games for the SMART board FREE

Board Games for the SMART board

This file contains checkers, chess, connect chutes and ladders, sorry, and tic-tac-toe. All games are able to be played on the SMART board through the SMART notebook.

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Imager à observer, à décrire, TNI

TOUCH this image: Copy of "Lied: schaatsen, Lied: Ik wil sneeuw, Prentenbo." by Sanne Leferink

Arctic Animals (YouTube) Photos/Instrumental Music

Our first slideshow, dedicated to arctic animals. - Arctic fox - Polar bear - Arctic wolf - Harp seal - Walrus - Narwhal - Arctic hare - Snowy owl - Peary ca.

▶ Arc en ciel le plus beau poisson des océans - YouTube

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