For the love of cats.

cute fluffy kitten / Lovely-KittyCats, definitelydope: (by *lalalaurie)

:D Look at how cute it is!

I want a new kitten ever since my old cat died.


i always dreamed of waking up Christmas morning to this . never happened

Another Santa cat

December has officially begun, and that means that it's practically Christmas. It's time to begin the preparations! Here are a bunch of things all Christmas lovers will start doing December


cause everyone needs a cute kitty or two in their home!


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Up in your face?

Kitten's face with green eyes


Funny cats - part 79 pics + 10 gifs)


let it snow . let it snow . let it snow!

Santa Kitty

Christmas kitty - so adorable

Kitten ^^

This yoga thing is just not working out for me. lol too cute!

Flowers :)

cat with flower halo


Someone is going on the naughty list this year!

Snow Kitty

Shake it.shake it!