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this made me sad and happy

John Give the Crab back to KK by The-EverLasting-Ash Thi reminds me of boy in the stripped pyjamas<--- its based off the boy in striped pajamas and I'm crying


I feel like this is the point where I should apologise for pinning so much Viria Homestuck fanart, but the thing is, I'm not really sorry, so who cares.

homestuck Dave Strider John Egbert homestuck cosplay davejohn johndave pepsicola dave strider cosplay john egbert cosplay cheek kisses knight of rhyme

Imma do this. Or try and mess up horribly because I'm an awkward little thing.

John meets his idols.

Most accurate John cosplay ever! That's the cutest, most adorable John cosplay I've ever seen.