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Easy To Make Discovery Bottles ... we love love love discovery bottles!!
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Loom Band Discovery Bottles by Teach Preschool

Rubber loom bands in a discovery bottle

Discovery bottles will bring wonder into your classroom! Last week I shared with you how we used rubber loom bands to make our own musical instruments. Well, I collected way more loom bands than I needed for that particular process so while home on spring break, my grandson and I came up with a way to

Static Electricity Discovery Bottle | Familylicious

Static Electricity Discovery Bottle | Familylicious

Floating Word Discovery Bottles @ Play Trains!

Floating Word Discovery Bottles

Create beautiful discovery bottles of swirling and floating words to inspire curiosity in young children and creativity in older kids and adults.

Illuminated Discovery Bottles

Illuminated Discovery Bottles

While in a craft store recently, I came across submersible lights. Immediately my wheels began to turn and I began to think of the possibilities. I bought a pack of submersible lights and some water

Glowing Discovery Bottles -- Fall Invitations to Play - Play Trains! This could be a fun Bulletin Board display idea with a blacklight nearby.

Glowing Discovery Bottles -- Fall Invitations to Play

These glowing discovery bottles, swirling with fall images and words, are fun for kids to make! Part of a series of Fall Invitations to Play.

I Spy Bottles - happy hooligans - rainbow "discovery bottles" for play

TechSurgeons - Access Blocked

Making I Spy Sensory Bottles can help preschoolers with colour recognition and fine motor skills. They're a must-have for the playroom and classroom!

Glow-in-the-dark sight word discovery bottles!!!

I LOVE Sight Words!

I can officially say the end of the year is feeling close now! Today was my last instructional day of the after school program! Our official last day is Thursday and we are having a pizza party. Of course it has to be right when I decide to start eating healthy (I have said that before though!). Well, with the after school program coming to an end I had to go out with a BANG! They worked so hard for months on end and have learned so much! I am so proud of them! They deserved the extra fun…

Rock Sensory Box

Rock Sensory Box

It looks so simple, yet the kids are drawn to play in it for long periods of time. I have a spoon and containers next to the box and they are often sorting the rocks into sizes as well as texture.…

Color Hunt Discovery Bottle- A fun activity and beautiful project!

R is for Recycle (into Art)....  could add to this bottle by making it an I Spy Bottle (with very  old small toy donations from parents).

Recycle! Reuse! Redesign! Repurpose! Renew! and RE-INSPIRE!

Talk about turning trash into treasure, the children have repurposed these various bottles and created whimsical works of art. Plastic takes about 450 years to degrade and when you think about millions of plastic bottles piled up for generations, it does give you pause for thought. We reused a variety of clear plastic bottles and stuffed them with brightly colored painted paper towels. Materials: Recycled Bottles Liquid Watercolors Pipettes (dropper) Paper Towels Let’s not forget that the…

Tutorial on how to make your own vocabulators!  Inspire your students to be better writers!

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