Shortage of Geriatric Doctors |

Rather than seeing an increase in the number of physicians who specialize in geriatric medicine, Canada is facing a shortage

Secrets Elderly Parents May Keep From Their Children |

As parents age, they often start keeping secrets from their adult children or caregivers and hiding important information such as

Seniors Who Outlive Their Adult Children |

7 Things to Remember When Planning a Funeral - Lotsa Helping Hands

Crime Trends |

On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, Detective Constable Carolyne Rashford participated in a presentation during which she listed the current

Tech-Savvy Grandpa |

Almost all of us rely on technology in our daily lives whether its for work, entertainment or financial management and

Rethinking Communities |

The World Health Organization, which ranked the age-friendliness of 35 major world cities, says it’s not particularly difficult for a

Fear of Falling in Older Adults |

Falls in older adults are the leading cause of injury and hospitalization in Canada, and according to the Seniors’ Falls

Playgrounds For The Young At Heart |

We all enjoyed visiting the playground as kids; monkey bars, swings and slides kept us active and through play, we

Scams and Fraud |

As we get older, especially those living alone in their own home, we may be more susceptible to fraud or

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