Our good friend #EPoole88 (Eric Poole) is getting ready for the upcoming season with cartoon renderings of each team. This is the Vancouver Canucks. #TSN #BarDown

I grew up a Vancouver Canucks fan, okay? That said, I hate the bloody orca logo with all of my might. If Eric Poole does another, please let it be Johnny Canuck

Vancouver Canucks Orca

♡*゚Going To See The Canucks vs Detroit Game Tonight! Going For Dinner & Drinks First.Love Going Downtown Vancouver & Hanging Out!

Canucks Parking Sign

Show your team spirit proudly with this X Parking Sign. Each x parking sign is made of durable styrene. The officially licensed parking sign is

Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks Alternate Logo - A 'V' with head of Johnny Canuck on top

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