VISO's "Thin"

Fluorescent lamp Chrome metal components Custom colour gels are available Custom canopies are available Dimming ballast available Custom box is required LED option is available

VISO's "Ilu" in the colour White

Standard outer clear shell Top quality polycarbonate globe Hand-painted Murano style glass Chrome metal components Custom canopies available on request Fluorescent lamps available on request LED available on request

VISO's "Globo"

Delicately sanded matte finish Top quality polycarbonate globe Interior seal ensures durability and evenly dispersed light Chrome metal components Fluorescent lamps available on request LED available on request

VISO's "Maggie" cluster in the colour Brushed Copper.

Two-tone suspension light Metal top Glass insert in Opal Dynamic magnet attachment doubles as support aircraft cable and design accessory that changes fixture orientation according to customer needs Metal parts in various finishes

VISO's "Wandering Star" in the colour Carrara Marble White Polished

Dual-tone globe with solid European marble top and cast glass lens with diffuser on the inside Metal plated details in hairline bronze finish Includes silver coaxial cable Custom clusters are available Custom canopies are available LED

VISO's "Crema" in the colour Semi-Metalized Copper

Semi-metalized top quality polycarbonate body Matte white steel top Solid glass LED diffuser Includes white cord Custom clusters are available Custom canopies are available

VISO's "Gia Round"

Design by II by IV Design.By Viso.The Gia Round Chandelier is a unique take on the traditional crystal fixture, combining a minimalist approach with a

VISO's "Gemma" in the colour Amber

Evoking a hanging gem, the Gemma Pendant light radiates different patterns and effects when illuminated.

VISO's "Diamond"

Intricate design and components create a precisely defined light reflection. Top quality polycarbonate Metalized interior/exterior Chrome metal canopy & stand LED available on request

VISO's "No Name" in the colour Copper.

Destined to be nameless, NO NAME was awarded its original name at the Light+Building world lighting fair 2014 from the contest to “Name Me to Win Me” created by the VISO team.

VISO's "Moss" in the colour Chrome with Frosted White bulbs.

MOSS - Designer General lighting from VISO ✓ all information ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ contact information ✓ find your.

VISO's "Martini" in the colour Orange

Semi-metalized polycarbonate shape Polished chrome metal components Inverted version is also available Includes black cloth cord Custom canopy is available upon request Custom clusters are available LED

VISO's "Zebra" in the colour Silver

Metalic and clear stripes Top quality polycarbonate Metalized interior Chrome metal canopy and components Custom drops available on request Custom colour options available in Gold and Copper LED available on request