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Relaxation inspired by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Dragon Fruit Macaron

Dragonfruit Macaron duvet cover - Dragonfruit arises from its meringuey slumber and soars the sky blue skies again seeking the juicy polyps of the lum lum berry.

Rose Metal Cement Mix

An image: the objet trouvé of ballet slippers in a derelict factory. In a dusty rubble of grey we find the unlikely injection of pink.

Polynesian Throwback

Inspired by French Post-Impressionist Paul Gaugin and his Tahitian Women series, Polynesian Throwback is for the painter in you.

So Jess

Intense brushstrokes of subtle hues.

La Sevillana, Rebecca's Passion

Be warned, this design is highly combustible - fire extinguisher might be required.

Easy to Love

a sentiment you can share 365 days of the year while snuggling in bed.


ZayZay "Baduvet" Digital Printing, Egyptian Cotton Ethically manufactured from start to finish

Release  of the Unconscious

When you create, releasing the unconscious is an occupational obligation.

Untouched Snow

It's a snowfall, it's a blank canvas - Untouched Snow duvet cover.

Apsara Dance

Apsara Dance duvet cover - Invocation of colour, light, dance, love, inspiration.

Zay Zay Brand

Zay Zay is a vibrant Canadian collection of limited edition duvet covers and bed linens. Our colourful covers will make your duvets into beautiful works of art.


Who needs the log fire when you have these hues of burning embers?

Pink Mojito

With a pink mojito, anything is possible. This duvet cover was inspired by steamy nights in Havana.